Hollow Knight : a Catharsis of Melancholy3 min


Hollow Knight became my favorite game just thanks to ⬆ this image ⬆. It was a few weeks, or months, before I discovered GRIS, when I was looking for a way to escape from a long melancholy. The simplicity of the drawn character, which still allowed me to grasp the beauty of the art style, through this light effect and the details in the background, the confident stance, weapon in full view, letting me guess the type of challenge that would await me if I tried to play it, the contrast between the roundness of the hero’s little limbs and the energy that emanated from them, giving depth to their eyes which, as a result, seemed no longer empty… I was fascinated.

Fortunately the game’s title was mentioned next to the illustration ! I looked up the story before I even saw what the game looked like ; only later did I watch the whole game, doubting my gaming abilities, and there, second shock. Greenpath. That music. Crystal-clear counterpoint, meticulous orchestration, and above all a very moving narrative dimension. When I finally got more time and a decent computer, shortly after playing GRIS, I decided to tackle my very first action game. I could have chosen something simpler… (it’s still a bit too hard for me, I don’t despair, after all 94% is not far from 112% *intense cough* – but at least I have beaten the eponymous character)

While we are patiently waiting for the release of its sequel, Silksong, I wanted to take the time to enjoy all the artistic aspects of Team Cherry‘s masterpiece, and even though it isn’t the first series I published here, it’s thanks to this game that I had the idea for this blog, at that time I was only missing, well, time, actually, and this time, I got it without really asking for it (if you’re coming from the future, remember the pandemic ? Tell me it ends one day, please)…

There are certainly many articles, videos on Hollow Knight, some of them very exhaustive ; I have hardly looked at any of them, it would have made no sense ; I do not pretend to shed new light on the work (yet I tried to !), it is highly likely that you will find elements already well established, but who knows, there may be something new among the more than 20,000 words of this series.

The “Why I love… Hollow Knight” week, which I have entitled “A Catharsis of Melancholy”, will start tranquillo on Monday with the lore and Tuesday with the NPCs. Wednesday will be the big day, dedicated to Hollow Knight‘s music and sound design (the article is more than 9,000 words, apparently it takes an hour to read according to one of my plugins, I admit, there is a preference – come on, I’m a musician, you can’t hand a gorgeous soundtrack over to me and expect me not to say anything), Thursday’s article will be about the graphics and the gameplay, and finally Friday I will wrap up this series with a more general article about the game. Yeah, a conclusion, which took me forever to write since I don’t like to stop talking about Hollow Knight. But like Hollow Knight itself, the series will have its own DLC, mainly on the Grimm Troupe, and maybe some Godmaster content (for now I only talk about the endings from the base game).

⏳ That’s it for now, see you on Monday ⏳

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