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Moving out!

The blog will soon change, I’m turning it into a YouTube channel. You will find the long video game analyses here:

I’ll start with my series on the Ori franchise. The channel will be launched this Thursday (02/24/22)

The videos will be in English (are you impatient to hear my French accent?), with both English and French subtitles. I should post around one video a month, they’re rather long (around one hour each) so I need that time to have at the same time one video ready, one half-way done and one whose script is ready, in order to have a regular schedule, which wasn’t the case on the blog.

This blog will eventually be closed, I don’t think I’ll write articles any longer, they’re too long and obviously the format wasn’t appropriate. I will also make videos on the articles which weren’t about games (I’m thinking of my “Anachronisms?” series, I haven’t forgotten about it). Maybe another channel purely focused on music. We’ll see.

See you on Thursday here! Thanks to the (very few I guess) readers of this blog.

I’ll leave you with some images from the games I’ll soon talk about on the YouTube channel. Of course you’ll find games I’ve already rambled on about here, but you’ll see some new and very nice things, I hope!

Have a nice day!