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Anachronisms ? – Episode 1

The issue

We don’t always play our repertoire on the instrument for which it was written and thought. This may be because we are confronted with a transcription (hi Katchaturian, hi Mendelssohn, or more recently, hi Janáček), or because we play a piece from an earlier period than our modern flute.
Indeed, the literature for traverso (or for later instruments, flutes with several keys but still made of wood unlike the modern instrument) offers us very beautiful pieces of which it would be a pity to be deprived ; however when the time comes to play them with the modern flute, it is not always easy.

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What is Love ? (n°1)

Metronomy – Love Letters

Art loves talking about love, a feeling both obvious and complex (Don’t you think so ?). Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to start a new series, which, contrary to some other ones, won’t be published all at once : it’s rather the beginning of a new category on the blog, “What is love ?”, in which I will linger on a work illustrating a particular aspect of this not – always – so – sweet feeling.

To begin this series, I chose Love Letters, the eponymous song from the fourth studio album by English band Metronomy.

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