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Want to read why (sugar, spice and) everything(‘s) nice about video games ? Go ahead ! When I like a game, I like to analyze it from every angle…

Why I like… GRIS (n°3)


Colors come back, one after the other, stages are overcome… After reviewing the very beautiful introduction of the game, we crossed a world almost deprived of colors, where everything has been shattered, or has to be revealed ; then came the time of anger, we experienced the wind of the desert, a wind then tamed by the mill. Let’s continue our analysis of GRIS. We now slide on a vine and dive into a new area, the forest. It’s time for the next step, bargaining.

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Why I like… GRIS (n°2)

Denial & Anger

Here I am again with the next entry of my « Why I like… » series about this beautiful video game, GRIS. The introduction of the game, though rather short, was analyzed at length in the previous post. Gris is now on the ground, after a long fall following her mother’s death, which was symbolized by a statue collapsing before our eyes. Gris is now about to go through the five stages of grief…

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Why I like… GRIS (N°1)


GRIS is a video game by Spanish indie studio Nomada Studio. When it came out in late 2018, it was acclaimed for its gorgeous watercolors by Conrad Roset and its exceptional soundtrack by Spanish band Berlinist. However people have been less unanimous when talking about the gameplay and to me it is quite unfair : actually, GRIS is meant to be metaphorical in both substance and form, in what you can see and hear, and how you play it.

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