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All the articles about my favorite video game, the masterpiece by Australian studio 🍒 Team Cherry (Sweet, round games indeed !), Hollow Knight.


Why I like… Hollow Knight (n°4)

Graphics, animation & gameplay

If you have digested the – very yummy – previous article, a dissection of Hollow Knight‘s music (mainly) and sound design, let’s approach with a little more concision (but always in detail… go figure) the game’s graphics, animation and gameplay. For those who missed an episode, follow the links to find about the lore and enjoy the NPCs analysis.

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Why I like… Hollow Knight (n°2)


After exploring Hollow Knight‘s beautiful lore in the first article, there is another particularly engaging element in this video game, which brilliantly shows all the variety and fluidity of emotions in the kingdom of Hallownest. The analysis of our little bugs continues with the non-player characters, or NPCs. Hollow Knight‘s NPCs are indeed the object of a very beautiful development.

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Why I like… Hollow Knight (n°1)

The lore

Hollow Knight is a video game released in 2017 and developed by Australian indie studio Team Cherry. It’s an extraordinary metroidvania with stunning graphics and an exceptional soundtrack by Australian composer Christopher Larkin, set in the fictional kingdom of Hallownest, whose inhabitants are insects. Tons of insects. Insects pretty much everywhere. It’s one of the most beautiful video games I’ve ever seen and played (which is easy, you could say, considering my very modest videogame knowledge) and it is known for its rich yet cryptic story.

There will be several episodes in this series which I entitled “a Catharsis of Melancholy”, seeing as before writing an essay longer than a Stendhal novel on the reasons of my boundless love for this video game, I would like to simply analyze several aspects of Hollow Knight : the non-player characters, music and sound design, graphics and gameplay… But first of all, let’s have a look at the lore ! Beware, spoilers ahead.

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Hollow Knight : a Catharsis of Melancholy


Hollow Knight became my favorite game just thanks to ⬆ this image ⬆. It was a few weeks, or months, before I discovered GRIS, when I was looking for a way to escape from a long melancholy. The simplicity of the drawn character, which still allowed me to grasp the beauty of the art style, through this light effect and the details in the background, the confident stance, weapon in full view, letting me guess the type of challenge that would await me if I tried to play it, the contrast between the roundness of the hero’s little limbs and the energy that emanated from them, giving depth to their eyes which, as a result, seemed no longer empty… I was fascinated.

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