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👁 Little Nightmares 👁 is a video game franchise by Swedish studio Tarsier Studios. Its narration is quite insane ! Let’s see why… ⤵️

Dualities in Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is a puzzle game developed by Swedish studio Tarsier Studios, whose soundtrack was written by Swedish composer Tobias Lilja. It is known for its disturbing atmosphere, dark without really being a horror game even if it has some elements typical of this genre, and its mysterious story that we would like to believe metaphorical but which however feels undeniably real ; the game raises many questions without necessarily answering them : this leaves us the choice when it comes to analyzing this strange but somewhat familiar world.
It’s a platform puzzle game in 2.5D with mainly a stealth dimension, or, as the developers say, hide and seek ; Little Nightmares is essentially about escaping from objects, creatures or characters that are prompt to kill us in brutal and violent ways : each monster has their favorite weapon, and sometimes, this weapon is a very hot oven.

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